Campus Mobility Solutions

Consultation & Advice

A truly successful tablet strategy will be driven across the entire organization, with consideration of financial, organizational, political and technical aspects taken into account. EdTech360’s approach to iPad in education does not stray from our strength and legacy of the solutions and service we have been providing to our customers. Our customer promise and vision remains with us at all times – ‘Tailored Mobile Solutions for your School’

  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Definition of project objectives
  • Business Process Assessment
  • Architecture Assessment & Remediation
  • Acquisition & Provisioning
  • Security & Management
  • Project Communication Plan
  • Support

EdTech360’s training staff are experienced training professionals, fully steeped in the methods and tools use to help organizations capitalize on the benefits and opportunities that fully-mobilized workforces represent. We provide a full-range of mobility training; from Basic tablet or mobile communications devices “how-to’s” to customized workflow integration. Whatever your training needs, whether on-site or remote — we can help get you going.

    • Basic tablet or mobile communication devices “how-to’s”
    • Using Mobile Devices and AV in the Classroom
    • Apps for the Classroom
    • Apps for Special Needs
    • Project Based Learning with Mobile Devices
    • Student Engagment and Mobile Devices
Security & Integration

A key driver for the adoption of an iPad solution is the simplicity of access to the school network. This has to be simple, yet strong enough to prevent unauthorized access with all data encrypted, at rest and in transit.

  • Architecture Readiness
  • Application evaluation and development
  • Policy definition
  • Virtual Desktop Integration
  • School District Security Compliance
  • Cloud based backup and recovery
  • Secure, reliable and flexible two-factor authentication
Installation & Management

EdTech360′s MDM (powered by NuKona) enables corporate IT departments to streamline and automate the management and support of district and employee-owned mobile devices, reduce the cost and effort of device deployments, and increase IT efficiencies and response times.

  • Deploy – Device configuration and deployment
  • Secure – Governance and Management of the device and policies
  • Monitor – Review usage and activity
  • Manage – Streamline processes and policy management
  • Support – Remote assistance and diagnostics
Support & Maintenance

We aim to manage the deployment of iPad into your school district with minimal impact on the IT office, by offering you a range of support services to choose the right mix for your needs.

    • Accidental damage and theft insurance
    • Inventory management
    • Extended hardware and software support
    • Remote management
    • WEEE compliant EOL asset disposal