Learning Experience Engine (LXE)

LXE changes the school experience by providing a mobile interface for students, teachers and administrators that connects all school activities. Coordinating all of the moving parts of managing a school demands that administrators have tools that make the most of their time and maximize the ability to focus on providing a great learning environment. Good data management is the key to quick insight into instructional needs. Analysis of student data from their courses, benchmark tests, and end of course exams provides important insight into the areas where administrators need to focus their leadership and resources.

LXE empowers school leaders to make decisions based on current data that shows where support is critical to student success and retention without the delay of a paper-based or isolated grading system.

A Mobile Learning Platform.

Software Modules


A module that addresses student’s need for a mobile-based platform to store and track their work, grades, schedule, announcements, learning profile, and study groups.


A module that addresses the teacher’s need to manage lesson plans, grades, course content, assessment, curriculum, student progress, and student learning profiles.


a module that addresses the administrator’s needs to track student and class progress, track subject area curriculum, view lesson plan alignment, benchmark testing results and analysis, and develop benchmark assessments.


A module that engages parents and addresses their need to track student progress, schedule or hold online parent conferences, view and add to student learning portfolio, and set up notifications to be sent for student grades or school events.


A framework for managing mobile devices in a school environment and provide seamless use of mobile technology and AV.


A module that provides students the ability to connect to school-related content for clubs, extracurricular activities, online yearbooks, and virtual school events such as an open house.


This module support the integration of data and analysis throughout the Learning Experience Engine modules.